BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Did you know that the first year Archery Business was published (1976), nearly 50 percent of the bows on the market retailed for just $31 or less? Read all about it and much, much more in the current “Archery University” issue of Archery Business, which celebrates not only the magazine’s 35th anniversary-but also more memorable milestones posted in 2011 by more than 30 other respected companies, including bow giants Hoyt (80 years) and PSE (40 years).

Inside the Archery University issue you’ll also read valuable tips from the Archery Business 2011 Dealers of the Year, who weigh in on topics that range from better retailing, to growing your customer base, to retailing longevity-laying the groundwork for a long and prosperous retailing career.

Does your business have a smart Strategic Marketing Plan? It should, and pro shop retailer Darron McDougal will show you how to write one of these helpful plans that are designed to be a “blueprint for success” for most any archery industry business.

Would you like to make more sales to women? Products designed specifically for this growing industry segment are some of the hottest movers around-if your shop knows how to welcome women and their families. Frequent AB contributor Patrick Durkin shows you how in his revealing feature.

Are published bow speeds dependable-or even believable? Read all about new Archery Trade Association (ATA) guidelines that are making “apples to apples” bow comparisons possible-while mapping out smart marketing strategies for bow makers.

Finally, most every archery pro shop has dealt with the dreaded “Early Summer Lull.” Archery Business shows you how to beat it with some proven retailing strategies.

See it all and much more in the Archery University issue of Archery Business!

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