When examining the ATA Trade Show’s purpose in its simplest form, it resembles one of the country’s original business centers: trading posts of the American West. Like a trading post, the Show’s success depends on “traders” who show up, the goods they bring and the guys who walk through the door needing something.

And, right now, a slew of traders have already claimed large chunks of the 2012 Show floor. As of May 17, 365 exhibiting companies had reserved 146,400 square feet of space. That’s 11,100 more square feet of floor space than last year at this point. Maria Lewis, the ATA Trade Show manager, has also reserved 68 of 74 shooting lanes available in Columbus, Ohio, and it’s not even summer yet.

Viewing the Trade Show as a trading post is both strategic and imaginative. When ATA staff look at the Show as if it were a trading post, our team can check each other to make sure we stay focused on key services the Trade Show was intended to deliver.

“Nowhere else are so many of the industries’ ‘heavy hitters’ in one place,” said Jay McAninch, ATA CEO/president. “Anyone and everyone you need to see is there, and you’re meeting with the key decision-makers, whether it’s a salesman, engineer or company owner.”

To expand on the concept of providing one place at one time for everyone to meet, consider the origin of trading posts. First, there was spontaneous trading that occurred between trappers, pioneers and Native Americans. At some point, one trader must have asked another trader, “You know what would be nice?”

“No sir, I don’t,” said trader No. 2.

“If we had a place where all us traders could meet and have our choice of furs, traps and dried goods.”

Then, it’s fun to image some crusty guy at the edge of the group weighing in with something like, “If it were me, I’d put a pot-belled stove in there for winter, and keep some corn liquor on the shelves; some tobacco, too.”

Now, fast-forward to a room of pioneering industry leaders whose start-up companies — many of them family businesses — specialized in archery. The conversation in that room may have sounded a bit different, but it carried the same simple intent: they needed one place and time where the industry’s manufacturers, dealers, retailers and buyers could gather, benefit from incentives like Show discounts and special pricing, and talk to engineers about products they developed.

At this one trading spot — now known as the ATA Trade Show — industry pros could trade for a few days early in the year, and then return to their shops and offices and get to work.

“We want dealers, retailers and buyers to make only one trip to one all-encompassing show to find the products they need for the coming year,” McAninch said. “Forcing dealers on limited budgets to travel to two, three or more shows defeats the purpose .”

So, which manufacturing companies are on board in this collaborative effort our industry calls the ATA Trade Show? You can find them on the ATA’s interactive floor plan. Go to archerytrade.org and look for a link on the Web site’s homepage. Or just mark your calendars for January 10-12, 2012, and find those companies and their products in Columbus, in six short months.

Bob Miller, owner of BKIII Archery in Waterford, Wis., said dealers cannot afford to miss the Show. “The Show has been great for us,” he said. “The amount of money we’re able to save by attending allows us to stay in business.”

Exhibitors: Lock in Your Show Sponsorships Before Space Sells Out!

Hurry and sign up to promote your brand and make your mark at the 2012 ATA Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio. Remember, these Show opportunities sold out quickly for previous shows, and we expect the same this year. To purchase a specific sponsorship or discuss opportunities, contact Kurt Weber, ATA director of marketing, at (717) 858 2451 orkurtweber@archerytrade.org.

Convention Center Banners

The Columbus Convention Center is uniquely designed, and provides many fantastic, highly visible, strategic locations for banners.

> For pricing and banner-placement questions, or to purchase any of these prime locations, call Kurt. His contact information is listed above.

Exclusive Registration

Capture the attention of every attendee as they register on-line or at the Show. The registration location in Columbus is highly visible and will remain so throughout the Show. Your company banner, along with a link to your site, will be displayed prominently on our Web-based registration site.

> Call Kurt for pricing and information. His contact information is listed above.

Wing Banners

Supply your wing banners for display in hallways of the Columbus Convention Center. They deliver high visibility at a reasonable price.


ATA Members’ Lounge Sponsorship

Exclusive! Capture the attention of dealers as they relax in the Members’ Lounge. Your sponsorship includes banners (provided by your company) inside the Members’ Lounge. Banner and signage, provided by the ATA, are placed outside the Members’ Lounge. Tent signs on all food and beverage tables acknowledge your sponsorship, and literature racks throughout the Members’ Lounge display your printed materials.

> PRICE: $7,500

Big Buck Tags

A. Attract dealers and brand your company.

B. A coupon book is given to every shop and independent dealer attending the Show.

C. New for 2012: Coupons may have a dollar value or a percentage off of orders written at the Show.

+ The coupon book’s inside front and back covers are for sale.

> Call Kurt for pricing and information. His contact information is listed above.

Archery Trade Academy, ATA Seminar Series

This is one of the best values at the Show! The ATA Seminar Series runs every morning of the Show, and provides dealers and manufacturers critical information to improve and grow their business. Sponsors receive a small display advertisement in all three issues of the ATA Show Daily. They will also be recognized in a “thank you” advertisement in the ATA Show Guide, on ATA signage and banners around the breakfast buffet area, and on an ATA banner in each seminar room.

Each sponsor’s logo will be displayed on all seminar promotional materials, including the seminar schedule appearing in the three trade magazines. Finally, sponsors will also be acknowledged on the ATA Web site.

> PRICE: $3,000 PER SPONSORSHIP (Multiple sponsorships available.)

ATA Beer & Gear Exchange

Held the first and second evening of the Show. Your sponsorship includes:

+ Your corporate logo on all print and digital promotions for the event (including full-page ads in all trade magazines, and e-mail blasts from the ATA throughout the year).

+ Signage, including your corporate logo, at all bars set up for the event. One bar station dedicated to your company with bartenders at the station wearing branded apparel (provided by you) Hats, shirts, etc.

+ Your corporate logo on all Show signage promoting the Beer & Gear Exchange.

> PRICE: $3,500

Many other ATA Trade Show sponsorships are available. Get sponsorship prices, images and descriptions online at archerytrade.org. In addition to the sponsorships listed above, other sponsorships include:

·     International Reception

·     Floor Directionals to Your Booth

·     Show Guide

·     You Are Here Online and Kiosk Floor Plan and Show Directory

·     Convention Center Column Wraps

·     Stair Riser Graphics

·     Hotel Key Card

·     Press Room

·     Hotel Room Drops

·     Inflatables

·     Lanyards

·     Z-Card Holder

·     Bathroom Urinals and Walls Around The Urinals

·     Convention Center Trash Can Wraps

·     Shuttle Bus Head Rest Covers

As of May 17, 365 exhibiting companies have reserved 146,400 square feet of floor space.

ShowOpen: Trade Show registration is set to open this summer so industry dealers, retailers and buyers can lock in their plans to join exhibitors for the 2012 Show in Columbus, Ohio.

Crowds: ATA exhibitors have already reserved 68 of 74 shooting lanes available in Columbus, Ohio, for the 2012 Show.

2012_SponsorshipCover: The 2012 Sponsorship Brochure is now available on archerytrade.org! Look for the homepage promo and brochure quick link to download your guide to Show sponsorships.

By Amy Hatfield

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