Federal Premium Guard Dog Home Defense Ammo

Keep your house and family safe with the proven performance of Federal Premium® Ammunition. Our new Guard Dog™ Home Defense rounds are specifically engineered for home protection use. Featuring a patented FMJ-like construction, Guard Dog is filled with an expanding polymer that minimizes over-penetration through interior walls-reducing the risk to loved ones. With low recoil and reliable feeding in semi-automatic handguns, Guard Dog is the new benchmark for defending home and family.

Features & Benefits:

  • Optimized for home defense
  • No hollow point to plug and block expansion
  • Internal skived jacket with rubber front core
  • Patented FMJ-like construction
  • High velocity with low recoil
  • Reduced probability of serious injury to bystanders in other rooms or houses
  • Exceptional feed and function in semi-automatic handguns
  • Works well under a wide range of velocities
  • Large frontal expansion through all barriers

Part No. Description

PD9GRD 9mm 105-grain Expanding FMJ 1230 fps

PD40GRD .40 S&W 135-grain Expanding FMJ 1200 fps

PD45GRD .45 Auto 165-grain Expanding FMJ 1140 fps


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