Minneapolis, Minnesota – Liddle Marketing Company is pleased to provide a way for anglers to ramp up their walleye fishing knowledge and skill from the very best-All-Stars in fact. The All-Star Walleye School is slated for Sunday, August 28th through Wednesday, August 31st on the spectacular walleye fishery in north central Minnesota-Leech Lake, recently showcased with a National Guard FLW Walleye Tour tournament stop. Spend two-and-a-half days for a game-changing experience with All-Star anglers like Mark Courts, Paul Meleen and Kevin McQuoid. Students will learn more in this close-knit setting than they can imagine; getting both on-the-water and indoor classroom time. Attendees will have plenty of chance to offer up very specific questions as well as drill-down on techniques that are on their list.

“This school is not only unique from the quality and caliber of the anglers presenting their knowledge,” shared Chip Leer, All-Star Walleye School host as well as emcee for the National Guard FLW Walleye Tour. “As the guys enroll they have a chance to answer questions about which techniques or tactics are most important for them-and that’s what we’ll cover. It’s customized for both on the water and in the classroom.”

The dual approach to hands-on and classroom skill building is an important component to this learning opportunity. “We really need both,” shared Mark Courts, truly an All-Star with over $350,000 in walleye tournament winnings. “We’ll cover fundamentals during the presentation classroom time, and then switch it up to practical application on the water. And all the little questions can come out at that time, in case someone might not want to ask in front of a room full of people.”

All-Star Kevin McQuoid, long-time guide on Mille Lacs and two-time FLW walleye tournament winner, agrees. “There’s plenty of time with three instructors to ask a question or talk about something really specific to their home waters,” shared McQuoid, with over $280,000 in tournament winnings in the FLW. “Mark, Paul and I know each other well-and we’ll each cover different things, so you will learn some key fundamentals and how each of us tweaks them based on the current conditions.”

Held at the beautiful Chase on the Lake Resort in Walker, Minnesota, the All-Star Walleye School is destined to become a first-stop for any serious walleye angler wanting to ramp up their skills from the very best. Packages start at $600 and interested parties should contact Chip Leer at 218-547-4714 or e-mail: info@liddlemarketingcompany.com.

See www.liddlemarketingcompany.com for complete details. LMC is proud of the sponsor relationship for the National Guard FLW All-Star Walleye School with the National Guard, FLW, Ranger Boats and Chase on the Lake.

Chip Leer 218-547-4714 or info@liddlemarketingcompany.com

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