Get the ammunition needed for both training and duty applications from Brownells Law Enforcement, the company that’s been trusted for years to help keep department firearms running properly.

Brownells Law Enforcement offers ammunition that is competitively priced and perfect for training. In addition, we stock all the high performance rounds an officer needs while on duty. All orders qualify for quick shipping and are backed by the Brownells Law Enforcement 100% satisfaction guarantee.

All the major brands that departments and officers rely on to match the appropriate ammunition to the mission are available: Winchester, Federal, Remington, Hornady, CCI, Magtech, Fiocchi, Brenneke, RWS, Estate, and Ultramax. Brownells LE carries the calibers departments and agencies use most often: 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .223 and .308, plus 12 gauge for your duty guns; .380 for the backup guns and .38 Special,.357 Magnum for revolvers. There is also a wide range of choices of .300 Win. Mag. for the designated marksman.

“We selected top quality manufacturers and calibers best suited to the individual law enforcement officer’s needs,” said Steve Denny, General Manager of the LE Division, “We have everything the law enforcement officer will need in one place to Prepare, Practice and Protect at”

To help officers chose the right ammo for each mission, PoliceStore.comfeatures their exclusive Ammo Advisor™. The new tool makes shopping for ammunition online quick and easy. New shooters can use the Ammo Advisor™ to help them figure out which ammo is right for each application. Experienced shooters can use it to find options they may not have considered. Use any or all of the fields and the Ammo Advisor™ filters the selection based on the shopper’s criteria. The selection fields are populated with all of the top brands in the calibers shooters use most. Of course, customers can always just head straight to their favorite brands without going through the Ammo Advisor™.

Brownells LE Division offers a full-line of duty gear and tactical equipment plus a full line of firearms parts, accessories and ammunition. When you have questions about gear, guns, or ammo, our techs can help, free! And, don’t forget to check out the Brownells Training Group located Whether you’re an individual officer or buying for a department, there’s no minimum order size or small order fees and everything carries the Brownells LE 100% satisfaction guarantee. To place an order, or for more information, please call 800-741-0308 or find us online at and mention code PHN.


Larry Weeks, (641) 623-8071 or

Steve Denny, (641) 623-8006 or

Duane Liptak, (641) 623-8028 or

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