Old Saybrook, CT- Traditions™ Performance Firearms, who are known for their extremely accurate and dependable muzzleloaders, announces the addition of the all new Vortek™ Pistol for their 2011 line-up. Designed after the performance-proven Vortek™ muzzleloader rifle, the Vortek™ Pistol will add a new dimension of shooting for the black powder enthusiast.

The Vortek™ Pistol has taken many of the features that one would find in a muzzleloader and created a pistol that can stand up to the competition whether at the range or in the field. The Vortek™ Pistol features the Accelerator Breech Plug™ which makes cleaning or removing a load a breeze, removing by hand in just three easy turns. It comes with a 13″ Ultralight tapered barrel making it built to travel. The Premium CeraKote Finish on the barrel and frame protects against highly corrosive black powder, cleaning chemicals, and any weather Mother Nature can throw at it. The LT-1 Alloy frame, along with the Ultralight barrel, lightens the pistol while still maintaining strength, structural integrity, and unparalleled balance. Other key features include the 209 shotgun primer ignition and the 360° ported barrel which helps reduce recoil and muzzle jump. The Vortek™ Pistol is available in both select hardwood or Realtree AP™ camo and comes drilled and tapped for a scope. MSRP for the Vortek™ Pistol is $369 (select hardwoods) and $445 (AP Camo™). Traditions™ has taken hunting and shooting to a whole new level with the Vortek Pistol™. This pistol really embodies the idea that big things do come in small packages. Whether you are at the range punching holes in targets or looking to add a new element to your hunting experience, the Vortek™ Pistol will deliver! Traditions™ invites you to feel the difference for yourself.

For more information on Traditions™ Performance Firearms and their complete line of products, please contact 1-860-388-4656 or visit their website at www.traditionsfirearms.com


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