New Berlin, WI – Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American sportsman is pleased to announce a new bird hunting series, Bird Hunting America, premieres today, June 29th at 11 a.m. ET. Bird Hunting America chronicles the bird hunting exploits of legendary exhibition shooter, Tom Knapp and show host, Woody Mueller.

Throughout the season, Knapp and Mueller expose viewers to world-class bird hunts in the “bird hunting” plains of America. One week it’s the vast pheasant populations of South Dakota and next, it’s the new duck hunting Mecca of Missouri. Bird Hunting America has searched the American countryside and beyond, to bring viewers the best in bird hunting television.

“I’ve been bird hunting for over 20 years and I must say with some degree of modesty, viewers are in for some of the best action I experienced in years,” said Tom Knapp, about Bird Hunting America. “Woody and I feel blessed to experience the many different bird hunting environments across the U.S. and share our adventures with the viewers of Sportsman Channel.”

The season opens with Knapp and Mueller going on a classic late-season, South Dakota pheasant hunt. Totally amazing is no exaggeration, as the premiere episode shows the Bird Hunting America crew flushing thousands of birds as they wade through prime pheasant hunting fields. Seeing the endless spectacle of birds in the air as far as the eye can see, it not to be missed. Future episodes will give viewers an inside look at the world of tournament hunting at the 2010 U.S. Open Pheasant Championship. The adventures continue throughout episodes four to six as viewers watch Knapp and his team on a preserve hunt to introduce Knapp’s grandson to “big time” pheasant hunting. The little one even harvests his first rooster!

In other episodes of Bird Hunting America, Knapp and Mueller help Ka Cey Struckman, 2011 Miss Huntress of the Year, renew the “Fire for Pheasants”, as she puts down her bow and picks up her gun for impressive South Dakota pheasant hunting.

Tom Knapp is recognized as the greatest exhibition shooter of modern times. With TV appearances and more than 100 live shows a year in the United States and Europe, Tom has thrilled countless shooters with his seemingly impossible feats with shotguns. Tom travels the World for CZ-USA and the Federal Premium Ammunition Company. He’s been performing for the public since 1987 and has entertained audiences as large as 8000 spectators at a single performance. Tom holds three distinctive World Records in ‘Freestyle Target Shooting’ or ‘Exhibition Shooting’ which made history in the shooting industry!

Bird Hunting America is the newest show creation of Producer Woody Mueller, who over the past two seasons has brought the US OPEN PHEASANT CHAMPIONSHIP to Sportsman Channel viewers. As head of FeatherLight Studios, Mueller directs an elite crew of cameramen, editors, writers and designers to create unique and entertaining television experiences for outdoor TV audiences. His work on projects for Fox Sports Network, NFL Films, PBS and ESPN has included assignments for the Winter Olympics, Major League Baseball, the NHL and the NCAA. Woody describes himself as a full-time bird hunting fanatic, who says, “I will go to any lengths to bring back the best bird hunting stories that can be found in the hunting fields of America. Working with Tom Knapp on this quest makes it all the more enjoyable.”

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