Mansfield, TX – Welcome to the newest innovation in digital technology for night vision riflescopes. The Pulsar Digisight NV 550 is manufactured with cutting edge digital technology that enables this riflescope to function in daylight as well as at night. Digisight’s large upgradeable metal platform is lightweight and perfect for any rifle type and features digital crosshairs. Since the crosshairs are digital and not mechanical, the user has the unique option to change crosshairs quickly. Just download the digital crosshairs and the user is set for any situation. With the Digisight video output capability, the entire excursion can be recorded or transmitted for professional use, training purposes or just to collect a treasured memento of time in the woods.

“The Digisight is the most advanced night vision riflescope system I have ever used,” said Tim Scally, Texas State Police Officer and United States Military Veteran. “I can see many uses for law enforcement and advanced night vision needs.”

The Digisight has a one shot zeroing system, so ammo is not wasted when sighting in scopes. With a built-in IR illuminator and bottom mount weaver rail, the Digisight can be easily moved, or removed from the rifle, when needed. The built-in external power supply and remote control capabilities make Pulsar’s Digisight the night vision riflescope every marksman wants attached to their weapon.

Pulsar products are manufactured with the professional individual in mind. Built on a mil-spec platform, Pulsar provides advanced night vision products for military, law enforcement & consumers applications. Pulsar strives to provide consumers with the latest innovations in technology with the highest quality. For more information on Pulsar products, log on to Please contact Sarah Tajvar at or 817.225.0310 ext. 113 for any additional information.

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