BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Whitetail Journal’s annual Xtreme issue is packed to the gills with hard-hitting tips on how to find and hunt whitetails in the toughest conditions.

In our popular “Know Whitetails” column, Dr. Dave Samuel digs into research regarding extreme wounds. How many bucks get wounded in the rut and pre-rut fighting, and how many of those wounds prove fatal? Find out here.

We’re introducing a new “Guns & Loads” columnist in this issue: Richard Mann. In this Xtreme issue, he’ll give you some professional practice drills to get you off the bench and shooting under real-world conditions. We guarantee you’ll shoot better and eat more venison!

Antler point restrictions are in place in many states, with mixed results. There are some pretty controversial opinions on every side of the issue, and David Hart examines the facts in “Game Management: The Problem With Point Restrictions.”

Crossbows are known for being somewhat bulky and front-heavy, but Horton’s new Vision 175 uses forward-facing limbs to reduce the weight and slim down the profile dramatically. “Crossbow Talk” columnist Stephen Carpenteri puts the Vision 175 to the test to see if this could be the perfect spot-and-stalk crossbow.

Editor Bob Robb takes on the subject of arrow fletching in his “Moment of Truth” column, explaining why this small part of your archery gear just might be one of the most important and overlooked items on your checklist.

When the weather gets “Xtremely” hot, cold, rainy or windy, do you pack it in and wait for a better day to hunt? Most of us don’t have the luxury of waiting for perfect conditions. Bob Robb explains how to make the most of any conditions in “What To Do When The Weather Is Too…Something.”

A group of Alabama hunters has put in the sweat equity and time to crack the code on massive Missouri bucks. See the incredible list of Booners these men have taken and learn how you can cash in on this state’s whopper buck hunting in “Missouri Magic.”

What’s a game thief look like? Poachers take many forms, from the small-time spotlighter to the organized crime rings that illegally take massive bucks, but none of it is good for honest hunters. Take a look at the not-so-good, the bad and the ugly in “Profile Of A Poacher.”

Running out of places to hunt? Stephen Carpenteri lets you in on a little secret in “How To Find And Hunt Town-Owned Lands.” You just might discover a hidden gem of public land that no one else is hunting.

Lisa Price has hit the big-buck jackpot more than once by keying in on home ranges and understanding what factors influence a buck’s core range. “Core Values” will tell you how you can do the same.

Want to go really extreme? Try canoeing into the backcountry for a maybe-you’ll-see-one, maybe-you-won’t chance at monster bucks in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters. Win, lose or draw, it’ll be an extreme adventure you’ll never forget. “Canoe Country Bucks” gives you the scoop on everything you’ll need to know before you go.

Finally, muzzleloaders will enjoy our special “Blackpower Guns & Hunting” section that includes Judd Cooney’s review of the market’s best new powders. Here you’ll also find tips on hunting some real Canadian giants in Brad Fenson’s muzzleloader-only “Hunting Western Canada’s Monster Whitetails.”

All this and much, much more is in the August issue. Check it out! On newsstands July 5th or visit for more details.

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