The Cartridge Comparison Guide has been called “The Hunting Bible” by African Professional Hunters, as well as “A Gold Mine of Information” from U.S. Fish & Wildlife officials.

Jeff Rann, African Professional Hunter and Host of Versus Dangerous Game Series said “I found this book to be one of the most informative and comprehensive books ever written on cartridge and ballistic comparison. Craig Boddington said “You need the Cartridge Comparison Guide. It will fuel campfire arguments for years to come”. Professional Hunter Adrian de Guisti of Gotsoma Safari called it The Hunting Bible. “This amount of information can not be found anywhere else. It is incredible! The title does not describe the extent of the material discussed in this book. It is very well written and extremely useful for any hunter!”

Elite military snipers and avid outdoorsmen alike have called this book the Best-Most Comprehensive and most easily understood Ballistics and Hunting manual EVER WRITTEN! Presidents Hundred – Army Sniper Retired SSGT Bill Berger calls this “The best ballistic manual you can find for hunting, competitive shooting and reloading! P.O. Ackley himself would have been proud of this book!” UPOA Pistol Chairman Jim Meacham, along with many firearms instructors, called this Guide “an incredibly well researched book! An excellent source for any uniformed serviceman, hunter, or outdoorsman. Very well put together and easy to use”

  • The CARTRIDGE COMPARISON GUIDE compares virtually every factory available cartridge from .17” to .585” calibers for both Rifles and Handguns. This GUIDE has four major sections that will benefit every reader.
  • The FIRST SECTION contains 4 chapters that detail the processes that will help anyone better understand their shooting environment and their personal requirements.
  • The SECOND SECTION of the GUIDE presents 7 different Data Tables of “nose to nose” comparisons for rifle cartridge, and 6 data tables for handgun cartridges. Every table details the Bullet Weight, Velocity, Bullet Energy, Powder Efficiency, Momentum, Sectional Density and Recoil Energy generated in each cartridge. These tables combine 12 major load sources and show the full envelope of cartridge performance capabilities.
  • The THIRD SECTION of this GUIDE provides 14 discussion sections detailing proper cartridge and bullet selection based on the game animal, bullet construction, bullet expansion desired wound-channel, hunting environment, and much more.
  • The FOURTH SECTION provides quick reference Ballistic Charts, including a Bullet Energy and Bullet Momentum chart, as well as an “Optimum Ballistic Coefficient per Bullet Weight” chart (which illustrates Trajectory, Velocity and Energy out to 500 yards for bullet weights of 20 to 750 grains).

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