ACCOKEEK, MD July 8, 2011-This week on BOA, host, Joe Coogan returns to the classic big game country of Botswana. Joining him is Mark Keefe, Editor, American Rifleman who carries a Benelli R1 in .338 Winchester Magnum to hunt for a red lechwe, a unique member of the waterbuck family that inhabits Botswana’s 4,000 square-mile Okavango Delta. Approaching a red lechwe to within shooting distance among the rivers, islands and flood plains of the Okavango, proves to be challenging for Keefe. The party then moves to the dryness of the Kalahari Desert, where Benelli’s Stephen McKelvain hunts for one of Africa’s most impressive and largest antelope-the wary and elusive eland, and for which he uses a Benelli R1 semi-auto rifle newly chambered in .338 Win Mag.

Now in its fifth season, BOA teams host, Joe Coogan with nationally recognized writers and photographers from top outdoor publications to field test and showcase Benelli USA products at top hunting spots around the world. BOA presents the very finest in hunting adventure.

Tune in to Outdoor Channel to see BOA airing Mondays at 8 am (EST) and 1:30 pm and repeated on Saturdays at 11:30 am (EST). Below are listed show titles and guests appearing on this season’s BOA TV show.

2011 Show Line Up:

  • Montana Mule Deer – Greg Thomas, Field Editor (Big Sky Journal)
  • Botswana Lechwe/Eland/Zebra – Mark Keefe, Editor (American Rifleman)
  • Texas Whitetail at Greystone Castle #1 – Clay Chandler, Guest (Sporting Classics)
  • Texas Whitetail at Greystone Castle #2 – Matt Coffey, Managing Editor (Sporting Classics)
  • Botswana Impala/Wildebeest/Gemsbok – Mark Keefe, Editor (American Rifleman), Bob Williams, Outdoor Writer (Petersen’s Hunting)
  • New Mexico Pronghorn – J. Guthrie, Field Editor (Petersen’s Hunting Magazine)
  • Texas Whitetail at Stasney’s Cook Ranch – Jim Wilson, Field Editor (American Hunter)
  • Texas Turkey #1-Becky Lou Lacock, Outdoor Writer (Game & Fish Magazine)
  • Texas Whitetail at Greystone Castle #3- Joseph Von Benedikt, Editor (Shooting Times)
  • Texas Turkey #2-Karen Lee, Editor (Turkey Country)

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