To maximize your chance for success and get as close to your target as possible, you must control your scent. Now available at Academy Sports and Outdoors, Team Realtree® Hunting Wipes combine the effectiveness of odor neutralization and odor counteraction at the molecular level. The dual technologies polarize malodor molecules rendering the malodor signal as unrecognizable to an animal’s brain. Additional ingredients mask human scent. These technologies create optimum scent control, ensuring the best possible chance for a successful bow or gun hunt.

For use on body and gear, soft and durable Team Realtree Scent-Control Hunting Wipes are available in long-lasting Pine, Cedar and Earth scents, and Odor Control formulas. The compact canister conveniently stores in your hunting pack or vehicle.

Features and Benefits:

•Soft: Allows optimum application to skin and equipment.
•Durable: Use one wipe for multiple surfaces.
•Easy Dispensing Canister: Keeps wipes moist when not being used.
•Long Lasting Formula: Minimizes need to re-apply
•Dual Technologies: Neutralizes and counteracts human scent at the molecular level. Masks human scent

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