“Smaller, but not too little” were the directions given by B.A.S.S. Elite Series angler Tommy Biffle to Gene Larew designers, makers of the angler’s signature series Biffle Bug. “It’s got to work with the same size hooks and weights of my HardHeads, because the weight of the heads and the strong Owner hooks are what make this free-swinging combo so deadly.”

The brand new Biffle Bug Jr., a 3.5″ downsized version of the original 4.25″ bug, makes its entry at ICAST 2011. Junior has all of the same features, including the hollow oval-shaped body to hold a rattle and/or flotation materials, along with those crazy-kicking legs and the characteristic cupped tail.

Biffle and his bug started an entirely new fishing technique, now called bottom buggin’, with his BASS Elite win a year ago on Ft. Gibson Lake in Oklahoma. The bait and technique have since taken the country by storm.

While Biffle’s not a guy known for downsizing anything, he wanted the smaller bait for expanding his options. “The smaller bug will have its advantages in certain conditions, especially in really clear water and when forage is small. Also, this size bait and active legs make it an awesome trailer for a jig.” The same colors are available in both Biffle Bug sizes and include 10 new ones.

Biffle and FLW bass professional Gerald Brown will be showing off the new bug and colors at Larew’s ICAST booth #1015.

On the Bobby Garland crappie bait side of the company, there’s a new and improved 2″ Swimming Minnow. The uniquely positioned paddle foot that has proven so successful on other Garland and Larew baits has been added to the tip of the Swimming Minnow’s tail. The foot allows this bait to start its swimming action with the slightest motion and keeps it swimming at even the slowest retrieve speeds. The Swimming Minnow also gets several new colors, including four within Garland’s popular Mo’Glo glow-in-the-dark series.

Garland’s Baby Shad, Scent Wiggl’R, Minnow Mind’R, Stroll’R and Slab Slay’R also have new color additions, with each one coming from specific input by Garland pro staffers from all parts of the country.

All new Larew and Garland baits will be exhibited in its ICAST booth.

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