iPads and tablets are great, stylish products. Music, movies, the internet – all with a simple touch of the screen. But that simple touch-screen action leaves a trail of greasy fingerprints that soon cover the whole surface and reminds us that with every use it’s time for a cleaning. A rub on your shirtsleeve isn’t effective, and you quickly find that sprays, tissues and cloths are not convenient and only make the fingerprint mess even worse.

SideKick™ by LensPen® is a new screen cleaning tool specially designed to remove fingerprints from iPads and tablet touch-screens. There are no tissues, no cloths, no sprays and no liquids. SideKick features the same carbon technology used in other LensPen products to remove fingerprints and greasy blemishes from camera lenses and other fine optics.

“It’s not high tech, it’s old tech,” said Peter Meurrens, Vice President of Operations at Parkside Optical and inventor of SideKick. “My grandmother could clean an iPad, she just didn’t know it.” SideKick’s carbon compound is similar to the one found in printer’s ink; why newspapers have been an effective way to clean windows for generations.

“When you get a fingerprint on a lens or a computer screen, it’s a mistake,” Meurrens said. “But when you get fingerprints on an iPad, it means you’re using it! We cleaned the screens of hundreds of iPads and tablets when we introduced SideKick at CES and Macworld in January, and it removed the fingerprints every time.”

SideKick is now available exclusively at www.lenspen.com, and will be available soon in stores, as will a package of two replacement cleaning pads. Each pad gives 150 cleanings.

For more information on SideKick, as well as other LensPen products, go to www.lenspen.com. Watch a SideKick product demonstration at www.youtube.com/lenspennews.


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