SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Applications to serve on the California Fish and Wildlife Strategic Vision Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) are due today by midnight. All stakeholders of the Department of Fish and Game and/or the Fish and Game Commission are encouraged to apply.

The online application consists of approximately 25 questions that are designed to help create a group that will represent a diverse range of interests affecting state policies that manage fish and wildlife.

After the application period ends, the Fish and Wildlife Strategic Vision Executive Committee will review the entries and select members of the group. The committee will look for applicants that are organized, non-partisan, open-minded, and willing to represent multiple organizations with similar interests.

The time commitment required to serve is unknown. However, meetings will be held monthly at a minimum, and access to these meeting should be available online. Representatives will also be required to communicate with the groups they represent in order to report back to the executive committee and Blue Ribbon Citizen Commission (BRCC). The final strategic vision is due to the governor and Legislature by July 2012.

The overall charge of the advisory group is to provide advice, support and recommendations to the executive committee and BRCC to assist in the development of a fish and wildlife strategic vision. The executive committee, as the appointing authority, recognizes that the primary responsibility of the SAG is that of a coordination group. As such, the executive committee will identify key spokespersons for various interest groups who might be able to serve in that coordination capacity. The executive committee also recognizes that it is not possible to accommodate all those who might be interested in serving and still keep the group to a manageable size. It is important for spokespersons to be willing to communicate with their various constituencies – outside of the SAG meetings – as a basis of their participation. The executive committee expects those spokespersons to coordinate the input of individuals and organizations beyond their own but which share similar interests and objectives.

For more information on the Fish and Wildlife Strategic Vision or to apply for the Stakeholder Advisory Group please visit

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