24 June 2011, London Global satellite tracking expert Track24 Solo is sponsoring 2011 Mongol Rally team, the ‘Social Media Syndicate’. The company willprovide the team with its state-of-the-art online Solo Viewer and a PackMaster Lo-Pro tracking and two-way messaging device. This will allow family and friends of the 4 team members to track their route as they drive unsupported from London, England on July 23, to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, covering 10,000 miles, 15 countries and 2 continents. The team is raising money for the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, which helps homeless and abandoned children in Mongolia.

The Packmaster Lo-Pro (right), is a small, mobile, two-way personal satellite tracking device. It uses the Iridium global network for two-way messaging and connectivity across the entire planet. Secure online access will allow the team’s supporters to log in and track the team’s location, progress and status on the Solo Viewer. Satellite images showing the team’s progress will be uploaded to Track24 Solo’s Facebook page, making it available to anyone who clicks ‘Like’ on the page.

The PackMaster Lo-Pro also has two-way satellite messaging capability, providing the four adventurers – top travel bloggers Deb Corbeil, Dave Bouskill, Sherry Ott and Rick Griffin – with a communication channel to stay in touch as they drive across some of the world’s most isolated and unfriendly terrain, including mountains and deserts (route pictured below). The device also has a panic button which allows the team to instantly notify their friends and family in case of an emergency. More than 300 teams took part in last year’s rally, many of them not making it all the way to Mongolia.

Tim Grant, CEO of Track24 Solo, comments:  “We are delighted to be able to offer the Social Media Syndicate the new Solo solution for this year’s Mongol Rally. As the team will be travelling across such secluded, often-unmapped areas, it is very important they have a means of communicating.  With 90 percent of the world lacking GSM coverage, the Solo solution will allow them to alert the appropriate parties should they encounter any trouble, or divert from their route.  We are only too happy to equip them with the Solo solution to keep them safe, in contact and on the right track, knowing that they are raising money for such worthwhile causes.”

Dave Bouskill from the Social Media Syndicate says: “It gives us real peace of mind to know that our friends and family can watch our progress in near real-time on Google Maps. The two-way satellite text messaging is also a benefit, as it gives us a communications channel in areas with no cell phone coverage – of which there will be many on the Mongol Rally! The panic button means that if something goes wrong, we can notify someone within a minute, safe in the knowledge that our position and status is being monitored across the Track24 Solo network.”

“Like” Track24 Solo’s Facebook Page to view daily updates of the team’s progress.


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