The Northwest Multigun Challenge was successfully held at the Albany RPC range last weekend and featured a first for a major 3 gun event, namely a completely dark shoot house. Crimson Trace, Hornady and Next Generation Arms cooperated to offer shooters the chance to use short-barreled AR15’s equipped with infra red lasers, which could only be seen through the helmet-mounted PVS-15 night vision goggles supplied by I2 Night Vision. The effect was akin to playing a first person video game as the competitor moved quickly through the structure, engaging multiple targets in complete darkness.

“The Crimson Trace MVF-600 IR laser is currently in the hands of US special forces, so I thought it would be exciting to give competitive shooters the chance to try it out,” said Iain Harrison, CTC’s media relations manager. “From the feedback I got at the match, we’ll definitely be looking for venues where we can repeat the experience.” In order to minimize setup time, the shoot house was built as panels offsite and put together on the range in the course of an afternoon, then disassembled after the event.

Match Director Doug Hartley was pleased with the results of combining free ammo, SBR’s and IR equipment and echoed the opinions of the shooters. “Incredible technology with a devastating effect, so cool that you don’t know what to say afterwards except “Can I do it again?”” Crimson Trace will continue its support of the shooting sports at the ProAm 3 gun competition in KY, August 26-28, where they will be sponsoring a side match in one of Rockcastle Shooting Center’s infamous caves. The side match will feature the new Crimson Trace Lightguard platform for handguns and the top three competitors will each receive the handgun, laser and Lightguard they used in the event.

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