Fort Smith, Ark. – Booyah Bait Company announces another reason to “Say it loud; Say it proud” with a new hollow body frog worthy of an energetic “Booyah!” Booyah lure designers looked at every aspect of hollow body frogs and worked to maximize the inherent strengths and eliminate the weaknesses of this type of lure before creating the Booyah Pad Crasher. One strength of many hollow body frogs is the lure’s ability to walk back-and-forth like a Spook. Booyah designers created a “bass boat-style” belly for the Pad Crasher that makes walking the dog (walking the frog?) easy for any angler to accomplish.

For working in the slop, a hollow body frog needs to maintain the right weight, one that creates enough disturbance to get plenty of notice but not so heavy it sinks into the stuff and gets snagged in the salad. Again, lure engineers created an internal weighting system on the double hook that rests against each side of the body. To further ensure a constant weight, a water flow hole is strategically placed at the end of the lure so that any water that gains entry flows right back out on the next twitch.

Color and paint schemes are super-realistic, and the skirt-style legs are long to allow the angler to trim to the correct length for the current situation. Casts great, hops flawlessly through the slop and walks the frog in open water; the Booyah Pad Crasher tops the rest when bass are on a frog bite.

The new Booyah Pad Crasher has an MSRP of just $5.99. For more information go to


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