If you’re anything like us, you probably have a couple too many rifles. But they’re just hard to get rid of, aren’t they? They are almost like members of the family after all these years.

But it isn’t easy to keep them, either. If a rifle or a shotgun isn’t getting regular use, then they need to be oiled and cleaned up on a semi-regular basis just to make sure they aren’t being damaged from humidity and dust just by sitting in the gun cabinet.

Thankfully, a company thought of a way to store some rifles and guns without damaging them or going through some amazing amount of fuss.

ZCORR has developed a bag, which uses a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor and barrier packaging materials to completely prevent the corrosion of your firearms and, get this, your ammunition.

Basically, the bags—called ZCORR FSP Bags—are laminated, anti-corrosion material that is puncture and tear resistant and also non-toxic and won’t harm the non-metal surfaces of your guns.

There is a ton of technical jargon that can be thrown into this post right now like sealant layers, foil barriers, chemistry and whatnot. But the breakdown is this: you put your gun in the bag, seal it and an invisible gas is released from the material that is attracted to the interior and exterior metal surfaces of your firearm.

Those gasses coat the surfaces with a one-molecule-thick layer of corrosion inhibitor that protects it and prevents any kind of corrosion from forming. Those molecules are absolutely harmless to non-metal parts of your firearm, too, so your wood, plastic and other materials will be completely safe.

The best part? When you pull your gun out of the storage bag, it’s 100-percent ready to be used without any cleaning necessary.

Bags that are used and opened and closed repeatedly are good for protecting your firearms for about five years. Long-term storage that finds the bag not being opened many times can keep your gun protected for up to 20 years.

Of course, you need to be mindful to clean your weapon before storing it and especially after every use.

So how good is this company? Apparently the United States military just put in a gigantic order for these bags so they can store their weapons without worry about corrosion and making sure they are ready to be fired whenever they are needed. This bag has been tested by both the U.S. Marines and the Army for keeping their surplus M-16s high, dry and free from pesky corrosion and met or exceeded all expectations.

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