Environ-Metal Inc., makers of World Record Performance HEVI-13® turkey loads and waterfowl ammunition, announces the introduction of a performance line of HEVI-Shot® Choke Tubes!

“Our HEVI-Shot® Choke Tube Systems answers the most common question our hunters ask, which is “What choke tube should I use with HEVI-Shot®?” said Kelly Sorensen, VP of Sales & Marketing.  “While there are many excellent aftermarket tubes out there, we feel  ours, which was developed from the ground up – gun specific and game specific – will provide today’s hunter with the best option available for performance ammunition products.”

Manufactured to Environ-Metal’s exacting specifications, the tubes are made from premium 17-4 stainless steel and are built to handle all lead, high density and steel pellets.  Sorensen continues, “While developed for our World Record HEVI-Shot® products, they provide excellent results from all performance hunting loads.”

Our tubes feature internal axial scoring, a design proven at the National Wild Turkey Federation World Still Target Championships to dramatically tighten patterns.  In addition, the ported tubes reduce “barrel whip” by dissipating gas equally around the muzzle, and the knurled end allows for quick changes in the field to meet changing hunting conditions.

According to Ralph Nauman, President and CEO of Environ-Metal, “The choke tube introduction continues our commitment to provide you with the best possible hunt.  We know time in the great outdoors is limited and you demand the best when out there.  You didn’t come this far to miss!”

The HEVI-Shot® Choke Tube Systems are optimized for three types of hunting:

  • Turkey hunting, where hunters are looking for extremely tight patterns for ultimate performance at extreme range.
  • Waterfowl hunting over decoys, where more open patterns improve performance.
  • Waterfowl hunting for jump shooting and pass shooting, where hunters require tight patterns that give them long range control.

HEVI-Shot® Choke Tube systems are available for all popular turkey and waterfowl shotguns.  Available for 12 gauge in 7 different configurations for each category, turkey and waterfowl,; and in 20 gauge in 5 different configurations for each category, we have the choke tube you need!

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