Columbia, SC, September 5, 2011 – Panteao Productions introduces the latest instructional video in the Make Ready series called “Make Ready with Bill Jeans: Shotgun Operator”. Bill Jeans takes the viewer through a one-on-one training session based on his well known shotgun training program. Bill is the owner-operator of Morrigan Consulting, a tactical weapons training and consulting business in operation since 1998. For over seven years Bill was the Operations Manager and Chief Rangemaster for Gunsite, the world-renowned school founded by Jeff Cooper.

With Shotgun Operator, you will learn about shotgun choices and options, ammo selection, wall penetration, shotgun handling, reloads, patterning with buckshot, shooting with slugs, multiple targets, pivots and turns, transitioning to a handgun, shooting with movement, combat mindset, and the shotgun standards.

Both the DVD and streaming video area now available at the Panteao Productions website at


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