At ICAST 2011 in Las Vegas, Anglers Select LLC launched Kumho USA hooks. The first product launch featured Bassmaster Professional Gary Klein as the innovator for the new hook company introducing the patented Reaper Keeper system hooks.

The reaper keeper locks your plastics onto the hook while doing no damage to the plastic that is common with other type keeper systems. With use of specific hooks like the Creature hook, the Flipping hook, the Worm hook and Tube hook.

Gary and the rest of the Pro Staff that includes Brandon Palaniuk, Jeff Kriet, Marty Stone, J Todd Tucker, and Jared Lintner, are hard at work on several new innovations for today’s Bass tournament anglers.

While testing new hooks and sinkers, bass fishing pro Gary Klein catches monster bass. “I have used about every hook made, and the Kumho Hooks are the best I have ever fished,” Gary Klein said.

It’s a strong statement, but after last week’s trip to Falcon Lake, the proof was presented and documented. The 3X Forged Kumho did not flex or have a point roll over. Most of the fish were caught 8 to 9 feet deep in big bushes. The Reaper Keeper plastic bait keeper worked perfectly as well.

“We were able to catch several bass on each bait and the plastic didn’t roll up on the hook a single time,” said Klein. “Now that is impressive!”

After five days of fishing at Falcon, fishing some stuff a bulldozer would have a tough time getting through, he used one — yes that is right — one hook. It was a Kumho 5/0 Flipping Hook. The results are staggering. His five biggest bass on his first day weighed 42.15, big fish was 9.3 pounds, small fish was 8.4. His big fish for the week was more than 11 pounds. For the week, they caught 50 fish weighing more than 5 pounds — WOW!

Gary caught most of his fish flipping a Berkley Pit Boss in two colors, Big Texan and Californian, with a Boss Intruder Punch Skirt and a 3/4 ounce Eco Pro Tungsten flipping weight.

Anglers Select LLC is an American company that loves to fish. For more information on Kumho USA hooks product line, Pro Staff, and how to purchase their product, visit

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