With 3-Gun and multi-gun competitions being the fastest growing and most active discipline of the shooting sports currently, Stag Arms realized a need for an out of the box competition rifle for these sports. The new Model 3G provides the shooter with a rifle that is ready to just install their optic of choice and start competing. Working with our newly formed 3-Gun shooting team, Team Stag Arms, we have determined the features and configuration that will have the broadest appeal and use in competition. With this rifle, competitors are able to produce fast and accurate shots from close to long range as is needed in 3-Gun competitions.

Boasting an 18″ stainless steel fluted heavy barrel with a rifle length gas system and the new Stag Arms Super 3Gun compensator; recoil impulse is greatly reduced allowing for fast follow up shots. Aiding in accuracy is the Samson Evolution handguard, which is free floating and modular, allowing the attachment of rail sections or sling mounts along the handguard. This also grants the shooter the ability to mount accessories as needed but not be burdened with a full quad rail. The trigger is a Geissele Super 3-Gun trigger, which was specifically developed for 3-Gun competitions, as the name implies. It possesses a great reputation for durability and has what Geissele calls a hybrid pull. This hybrid pull is a unique combination of a single and two-stage that allows for both quick close range shots and more deliberate long range shots.

The buttstock and pistol grip are from Magpul featuring their collapsible ACS buttstock that provides a comfortable cheek weld along with storage and their MOE pistol grip that provides a solid and secure grip. The rifle also is available with optional Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sights (RTS) which are offset iron sights that are used for close in shots.

With all these features, the Stag Arms Model 3G provides the shooter an excellent rifle to excel at 3- Gun competing. The appeal of the rifle, while aimed at 3-Gun competitors is not limited to them. The rifle can and will appeal to anyone looking for an accurate, reliable, and modular AR-15 rifle.

MSRP: $1459

MSRP with Dueck Defense RTS: $1659

*Available beginning of October*


  • 18″ stainless steel fluted heavy barrel with a rifle length gas system, 5.56 NATO chamber, and 1/8 twist rate.
  • Stag Arms Super 3Gun Comp
  • Samson 15″ Evolution free-float modular handguard with three rail attachments included.
  • Geissele Super 3 Gun (S3G) trigger
  • Magpul ACS buttstock and MOE pistol grip.
  • Optional Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sights (RTS)

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