Napa, CA September 2011 – The American Gunsmithing Institute is ending summer with a bang with fantastic “how-to” deals to help you enjoy your Fall and get your projects done this Winter. AGI video courses provide a simple solution to the complex problem of needing to learn trade skills rapidly. AGI has spent over 15 years and has invested millions of dollars to create courses that provide the viewer with a clear, concise learning experience. Supplies on these great end of summer bundle deals are limited, so act fast!

End of Summer Bundle Deals Include:

Bundle #1: GLOCK Mania – If you love GLOCKSs and want to get the most out of yours, then this phenomenal bundle is for you. Watch these courses and you will be able to totally maintain, repair and trick out your GLOCK and, if you choose, transform it into the Ultimate GLOCK Carry Pistol! Includes the brand new updated version of the GLOCK Armorer’s Course.

Bundle #2: 1911ULT – The Complete 1911!  – Know the Colt 1911 style pistol inside and out like a Master Pistolsmith and be able to build it into an ultimate .45 auto carry gun or competition winning pistol! In the 1911 Armorer’s Course, Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap teaches you complete design and function of the 1911 pistol using cutaway guns. Master Pistolsmith Gene Shuey takes you through over 12 hours of custom 1911 tricks and techniques and shows you how to build everything from a carry gun to a full on open class race gun all step-by-step.

Bundle #3: Remington 700 Accuracy Riflesmithing – In this bundle, Master Riflesmith Darrell Holland teaches you everything you need to know to tune up your Remington 700 series rifle and cut your group sizes in half or more! Darrell reveals his inside secrets to accuracy that he has developed over the last 25 years while building the most sought after custom rifles. He shows you step-by-step how to build your own tack driving custom rifle that is equal to those costing thousands of dollars for a fraction of the price.

Bundle #4: All About Mausers – AGI Master Gunsmiths Gene Shuey and Ken Brooks pull out all the stops as they show you how to repair, tune, re-barrel, re-chamber and even build a complete custom Mauser hunting rifle from scratch using an old action. Detail action type identification is shown, along with complete metal work, wood work, sights, barrels and more!

Bundle #5: The Custom Ruger 10/22 – Build your own totally tricked-out custom 10/22 rifle that will shoot dime size groups all day long! Hundreds of different options and accessories are shown. Plus, learn how to save big bucks by doing your own trigger job. Also includes a complete tutorial on how to convert your rifle from .22 LR to .17 Mach2.

Bundle #6: AR-15 – The Black Rifle – With this money saving bundle you will be able to build up an AR-15 or M-4 style rifle from a receiver and a bag of parts. You will also learn to troubleshoot, repair and tune your existing rifle, including how to do a trigger job step-by-step. This bundle includes the updated version of the AR-15/M-4 Armorer’s Course that will teach you complete design, function and repair of the AR-15. Instruction by Master Gunsmiths Bob Dunlap and Ken Brooks.

Bundle #7: Military Rifles and Sub Machine Guns Super Bundle – Dream about owning and shooting all of these? You will be able to disassemble them, troubleshoot them, repair them, tune them and more with this bundle! Includes courses that will teach you how to build the FAL, G-3 and M-1 Garand rifles from parts kits! The information shown in the Thompson, UZI, Sterling and Belt-fed Browning 1919 courses isn’t available anywhere else, but it’s all here in this Military Super Bundle!

These bundles are offered only as complete sets (sorry, no substitutions). Current Gun Club of America (GCA) Silver Members receive an additional 20% discount off these Summer Sale Prices! New GCA members are eligible for the 20% GCA Silver discount immediately and will receive a 2 Month Free Silver Trial Membership when any of these bundles are purchased. These bundle deals expire September 21, 2011.

If you are interested in looking into becoming a Professional Gunsmith, then check out our basic AGI Professional Gunsmith course where in 108 hours of your own time, you can become a certified gunsmith and start making money at the hobby you love.

About American Gunsmithing Institute:

American Gunsmithing Institute offers a variety of affordable DVD gunsmithing courses that can be viewed in the comfort of one’s home at one’s leisure. Unlike traditional schooling, the DVD’s can be played over and over again for reinforcement. All of the AGI instructors offer the highest quality of instruction since AGI’s founding in 1981. Visit AGI at to download their free course catalog and find out more about the Professional Gunsmith Course and other affordable course.

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