Columbus, Georgia, Sept. 14, 2011 — Conceal your gear from wildlife and protect it from nicks and scratches with Camo Form® Protective Fabric Wrap, available in Realtree AP and MAX-4. Camo Form Protective Fabric Wrap is a heavy-duty camouflage stretch wrap that clings to itself leaving no sticky residue behind. It is customizable and will camouflage any piece of equipment including guns, bows, optics, tripods, knives, bottles and more. Camo Form dramatically improves grips, insulates hands from hot or cold surfaces and prevents guns and bows from slipping in the field. It is washable and reusable making it easy to customize camouflage per season. Not to mention, it stays solidly in place and won’t sag, even in wet weather. Camo Form conforms to any shape and can be cut and applied to the smallest moving parts.


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