SOLEBURY, PA – If you remember your grandfather always wearing a leather belt with a shotgun shell cap on the keeper, chances are the belt was made in Bucks County, PA.

Royden Leather Belts have been hand crafted in Pennsylvania since 1947. Several of the early tools used to hand craft the leather are still used in making the fine sporting leather belts for men and women.

Jeff Karner, who has owned the business since 1990, continues to use top grain leather to make his belts, and leather dog collars for our four-legged friends. The Field Belt is a plain belt with a solid brass roller buckle for practical use over field pants. Many of the other leather belts sport a brass wildlife ornament on the leather keeper, such as a flying duck, quail, turkey, pheasant, buck, and even a boar’s head. Pointers and bird dogs are also very popular belt ornaments. There are about 30 or more different brass motifs to choose.

The newest Sports Belts from Royden are genuine leather camouflage belts of authentic patterns such as Mossy Oak® Break-Up® and coming soon, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity®.

The items available for purchase in our secure site are just a small sample of our products. If you would like a free catalog to see our entire line of distinctive leather goods, use the catalog link at

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