Fort Smith, Ark. – Rebel Lures celebrates 50 years in business in 2012 by continuing the innovation that made it one of the most successful companies in fishing with the release of the new Frog-R, a realistic topwater frog that walks-the-frog like a Spook walks-the-dog. The Frog-R is just under 3-inches in length but the bulbous body pushes a lot of water for tremendous displacement and fish-attracting disturbance. The realistic eyes and multi-step painting process creates a lifelike appearance with four versions: a Swamp Frog that is yellow and black, Cricket Frog with brown hues, Leopard Frog with a lime green and black combo and Bull Frog, a realistic dark green and black.

The new Frog-R is a great option for a variety of situations, from pond fishing to working the shoreline of a huge reservoir, and from streams to bigger rivers. The disturbance the Frog-R creates makes it fish a lot “bigger” than its size suggests, and is great for any game fish that’s feeding off the top.

The new Rebel Frog-R has an MSRP of just $3.99. For more information go to



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