COLUMBIA, S.C. – Sporting Classics, America’s finest hunting and fishing magazine, will celebrate 30 years of publication with a special Collector’s Issue set to hit newsstands and subscribers’ homes later this month.

“The Best of Sporting Classics” will feature the greatest stories, columns, photography and sporting art from the past three decades of the award-winning magazine. Printed on top-grade paper, this spectacular issue will feature the editors’ favorite stories by Robert Ruark, Robert Murphy, Archibald Rutledge, Jim Corbett, Nash Buckingham and other legendary writers. In addition, the issue will include a brilliantly written biography of the great Ernest Hemingway, and the most riveting columns to ever grace the pages of Sporting Classics.

Along with the special features and columns, the Sporting Classics staff will present their choices of the most influential people in hunting, fishing and wildlife conservation during the past century. From Theodore Roosevelt to Bill Jordan, each individual is honored with a photo and description of their contributions to the outdoor industry.

No other magazine has brought together such an amazing array of paintings by the world’s best sporting artists – Bob Kuhn, Bob Abbett, A.F. Tait, Carl Rungius, Wilhelm Kuhnert, Charles Russell and other legends. Fittingly, our cover image is likewise spectacular: Yuosuf Karsh’s photograph of Ernest Hemingway, widely hailed as the greatest celebrity portrait ever taken.

This special collector’s issue will hit newsstands in late September, or you can call (800) 849- 1004 to order your copy today!

About Sporting Classics:

Created by a small group of avid sportsmen in 1981, Sporting Classics has become the magazine of choice for more than 40,000 sportsmen who seek the best in hunting, fishing, wildlife art and collectibles. Every page is carefully crafted, through word and picture, to transport you on an unforgettable journey into the great outdoors. Sporting Classics also produces award-winning hunting, fishing, and sporting art books, along with anthologies from some of the best-known outdoor writers. Visit for more information.

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