September 22, 2011Award winning national television series The Fowl Life with Chad Belding continues on the Sportsman Channel and WILD TV with the team in Colorado, beginning Thursday, September 29, at 2 AM ET.  Hosted by renowned hunting guru and outdoorsman Chad Belding, the show takes viewers into the lives of Team Fowl Life as they chase waterfowl throughout the United States and Canada. The team goes behind-the-scenes to call animals such as mallards, puddle and diver ducks, and geese into close range.

Chad Belding and Team Fowl Life are joined by TFL fans Jimmy Harrison and family, from Pueblo, as they track Canada Geese across the Front Range of Colorado. The team’s hunt takes them where the geese are plentiful for early December and gives them the opportunity to be on the birds.

The Harrisons joined Belding and Team Fowl Life in the pits for three days as they called and decoyed geese. The range on the geese is made possible with hunting tools such as full body Canada goose decoys from Fowl Life partner Dakota Decoy that brought the birds within 10 yards of the blind.

“Jimmy and his group were the real deal,” Belding said. “They had great hunting instincts and were dead eyes with their shooting. It was a blast getting to meet some of our fans. It was as if we had all been buddies for a long time.”

December in the Midwest proves to be a golden opportunity as the geese gathered in large gaggles for this time of year. Banded Hunts joined the group this episode to help bring in the geese as the experience of Colorado was enjoyed with the Rocky Mountains for the team’s scenery.

“Colorado and Banded Hunts have always been good to us, and we feel very lucky to get to experience what the state has to offer,” Belding continued.

There will be a chance to win a hunt with The Fowl Life with Chad Belding coming soon. This hunt will take place during the 2011-2012 seasons and the destination is to be announced by Banded Hunts in the near future.

Sportsman Channel Air Times (EST):

  • Thursday, September 29 – 2 AM
  • Saturday, October 1 – 10:30 AM
  • Sunday, October 2 – 9:30 PM

Channel Guide:  The show can be found on DIRECTV channel 605, Dish Network channel 285 or 395 and AT&T U-Verse TV channel 642.  Check your local provider for local cable channel number.

About Chad Belding: Chad Belding’s success started with his reality hunting show called ‘The Fowl Life with Chad Belding’ which launched on Sportsman Channel and WILD TV in 2008, and airs in more than 40 million homes in North America.  Fans across the nation have watched as Belding and his crew hunt in more than 15 states across the U.S., incorporating a local guest in each location who offers advice on their local hunting ground and participates in the hunt. Now approaching season three, ‘The Fowl Life with Chad Belding’ is becoming the must-see reality series for hunters across the nation.  Belding also launched a new show focused on predator hunts and wildlife conservation called ‘Dead Dog Walkin’ which began airing on Sportsman Channel and WILD TV on March 28 of this year.

About Banded Nation: Launched in January 2011, Banded Nation is comprised of hunters, editors, graphic designers, producers, videographers and on-camera personalities dedicated to bringing a new approach to outdoor television and outdoor style.  Banded Nation was founded by renowned outdoor hunting show host Chad Belding and acts as the parent company to a wide variety of properties including Sportsman Channel and WILD TV’s award winning national television series ‘The Fowl Life with Chad Belding,’ the new predator hunting television series ‘Dead Dog Walkin’ and Banded Gear. Visit for more information.

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