Jackson, Wis. – “Max” is quite possibly the most used and abused term in the realm of marketing. Typically, the word deceitfully depicts a knockoff, or product that will surely never live up to its hype. Truth be told, buyer beware of anything “Max”…but with one clear exception: Frabill’s new MAX portable ice fishing shelters. Unmistakably, they offer the maximum amount of quality and fishability in a portable ice fishing shelter.


Frabill has taken two of the most prolific and trusted shelters – the Commando and Trekker – and engineered in the new and innovative Shuttle sled base. So now you have the quintessential one and two person fishing machines with storage solutions never before available to the fishing public.


The Trekker MAX integrates a fleet-of-foot, two-person shelter with a complete storage solution. The Shuttle sled base features a fully enclosed hard top cover with specialized compartments, each with a lid and durable metal hinges. A spacious storage compartment houses significant gear like a flasher, underwater camera, bait containers and tackle boxes.


From a sitting standpoint, the Trekker MAX comes complete with two of Frabill’s signature deluxe padded seats. Set your tush on one of these comfortable chairs and the deal will be sealed right on the showroom floor. Plainly, they’re the most comfy and supportive seating systems available.


But wait, before you order, we’ve yet to mention perhaps the keenest feature of all. Both the Trekker MAX and Commando MAX offer built-in, hard-case-style rod and reel storage that can accommodate up to 10 combos. Forever eliminate the dread of pulling up to a spot only to find that the heater tipped and snapped your favorite rod like a Pixie Stick.


Speaking of the Commando MAX, this voluptuous one-man shelter is shockingly roomy – 50-inches X 33-inches with 11 square feet of fishable space. Couple that with 66-inches of headroom, and you’ll begin to wonder if this one-person fish-catching-machine is actually built for two… It, like theTrekker MAX, is founded on the storage friendly Shuttle base. The Shuttle bases on both models offer 13.7 cubic feet of storage. Basically, enough space to accommodate a winter’s worth of gear.


Regarding tents, the Trekker MAX is covered by strong and long-living 600 denier fabric, while the lean and mean Commando MAX stays fit with athletic 300-denier fabric. Standard as well is the MaxVent air exchange system, which maintains atmospheric conditions as fresh as well oxygenated minnows. The Trekker MAX also offers front and rear zippered doors; the Commando MAX a generously sized front entrance.


Frabill has undoubtedly put the MAX back in “Max.”



Frabill, Inc. is in its 73rd year of engineering premium, trusted fishing equipment. Frabill’s ice fishing product lineup consists of portable ice fishing shelters, rod and reel combos, tip-ups, bait containers, portable aeration, and premium ice fishing apparel, including FXE Snosuit. Openwater products include landing nets, portable aeration, bait containers, bait care, bait traps and seines, accessories, and premium openwater apparel, such as FXE Stormsuit. Visit www.frabill.com.


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