Coatesville, PA  September 26, 2011  – Grand Slam® Select is the newest premier copolymer fishing line added to the extensive high quality lines offered by HI-SEAS. The new 100% copolymer line combines superior strength with maximum manageability. Produced from the highest quality copolymer, this advance line is easy to handle and provides smooth, agile casting on bait casters and conventional reels. The fluorescent clear blue color provides enhance visibility above the water, so you can see your line during low light ambush conditions. Once submerged, the fluorescent clear blue color appears as clear, and makes this a perfect “line-watching” line. It is also easy to tie to any bait or terminal tackle using a Palomar knot.

Fishing legend Bill Dance is a fan of the new HI-SEAS Grand Slam Select line, “It works exceptionally well on spinning reels because it’s so manageable and so soft, it takes perfect inset on a spinning reel.” Steven Miller, Sales Director of HI-SEAS, endorses Grand Slam Select for the professional angler, “Grand Slam Select is a professional grade copolymer line that is unmatched from our other lines thus far. Its abrasion resistance is unmatched, knot strength is incredible, and it has low memory. Professional anglers that want to win tournaments will soon realize that Grand Slam Select will help them do so.” Professional anglers rely on the best quality gear to win championships and Grand Slam Select is the professionals’ choice in monofilament line because it delivers all-star performance, strength and dependability. Line test from 4# – 30# in filler spools, 1lb and 2lb spools. MSRP range from $6.99 to $9.99

For over 30 years AFW & HI-SEAS has been providing serious freshwater and saltwater anglers with the finest quality line, leader, and rigging products. AFW has the largest selection of wire line and leader products in the industry. All wire, strand, and cable are manufactured in the United States. HI-SEAS offers a variety of lines specifically designed and formulated to meet any fishing challenge.

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