Originally designed to enable the use of micro guides with spinning gear, the patent pending Micro Wave guide system has now proven itself to enhance performance using slightly larger guides as well. The principal behind the Micro Wave remains the same. It harnesses the centrifugal force of the line coming off of the spinning reel and shoots it forward into a straight line through the rest of the guides. lt eliminates the line slap that used to rob distance from each cast. The result is a smoother, longer, more accurate, and quieter cast. CastAway’s new Line Tamer series provides the benefits of the weight reduction of a smaller guide, but uses the optimal size so that longer leaders can be used without knots restricting the cast. Line Tamers feature GastAway’s legendary multi modulus, high performance blanks and new longer lasting, comfort grips.

Like most GastAway product lines, Line Tamers are handcrafted in Montgoffiery, Texas by experienced rod builders and carry the legal definition of 1A0% assembled in the U.S. using imported parts. The Micro Wave was invented by the legendary bass expert and innovator, Doug Hannon, in conjunction with Wave Spin Reels, and is licensed to CastAway Rods.

lf you haven’t seen the video yet, you can just go to this You Tube link to see it in action: http://www.voutube.com/watch?v=SavCppxL-x8

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