New York, NY- Have a great deer season with a little help from Field & Stream. Just in time for the rut, Field & Stream is debuting two new free smartphone apps for outdoorsmen, the Rut Reporters app and Deer Camp app. The magazine’s October issue also comes packed with 19 deer camp skills to help outdoorsmen hunt smart, eat well stay warm and get a buck. The editor’s have also scientifically identified and visited the absolute center of the country’s deer hunting―a family farm in Pottawatomie County, Kansas. For more information, pick up the October issue of Field & Stream on newsstands now, or log onto

Field & Stream’s new Rut Reporter’s app works in conjunction with the popular Rut Reporter’s page on to provide daily reports on deer activity across the country. The app features a special Rut Heat Map that tracks deer behavior as the season progresses, showing the exact phase of the rut in users regions. Users can help track the rut by sending in reports and each time they do they’ll be entered into weekly and monthly prize drawings. The app also features a live feed of big-buck-news, regional hunting reports, and how-to articles. For complete details, visit

“The new Rut Reporter app takes the best features of our Rut Reporters page and enhances them and makes them easily mobile so you can use them in the field,” said Anthony Licata, editorial director of Field & Stream. “Last year Rut Reporters proved to be one of our most popular new web features with more then 650 thousand monthly views. It has already harnessed the collective knowledge of our readers to make us all more informed hunters and this app is really going to take that to the next level.”

Field & Stream’s new Deer Camp app and website allows users to share deer intel on a social hunting map only accessible to friends of their choosing. Hunting buddies can use the app to pattern deer by creating a common map that can be updated with deer sightings, buck sign, trail-cam photos, and other observations. As a bonus the app automatically adds weather conditions, wind direction, moon phase, and other environmental factors to every observation allowing hunters to sort by this data later. For complete details, visit

“A good hunting journal is one of the best tools hunters can use and our new Deer Camp app is a journal at its best,” said Licata. “This app takes the work out of the equation by letting you work with your buddies to amass more intel faster. Instead of spending the first few hours of camp around an old map wondering where the deer are you’ll be able to sort data according to exact weather conditions and more. And your information is restricted to your select group of friends which allows you to keep your secret hunting spots all to yourself.”

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