NO FLASH, NO GLOW, and NO LIGHT!  The TRUTH® CAM BLACKOUT is designed to be undetectable to animals and Humans.  Complete surveillance without pressuring and alarming game.

The TRUTH® CAM BLACKOUT produces no visible LED light, yet provides an outstanding 50’ night photo range.  Mature bucks reach maturity by becoming experts in the art of stealth – sticking to the shadows as they sense and feel pressure other game can’t.

To an animal that’s adept at avoiding suspicious sounds, shapes, and situations, most trail cameras are easy to spot.  With a non-reflective, low shadow, Matrix camo exterior and lightning quick trigger speeds, the TRUTH® CAM BLACKOUT has the silent speed and stamina to quietly, and consistently capture the shots you haven’t been getting before.

Stealth has never been so easy!  The TRUTH® CAM BLACKOUT, with its SIMPLE TO USE features, is as uncomplicated as it is undetectable.  Every feature makes it easy to setup and get critical information for your next hunt.

The TRUTH® CAM BLACKOUTcomes from a line of highly rated cameras backed up with Primos top notch Customer Service!

For more information on Primos® TRUTH® CAM BLACKOUTvisit our website at, or contact Primos® Hunting at or 1-800-523-2395. 

  • 50 FT Night Range
  • 7.0 Mega Pixels Daytime –  5.0 Mega Pixels Nighttime
  • 1 Second Trigger Speed
  • Long Battery Life (Beyond 30,000 Photos)
  • No Photo/Video Shutter Noise
  • Captures Photos and High Res Videos
  • No Flash, Glow or Light
  • Undetectable by Animals and Humans
  • Supports up to 32 GB SD Card (Not Included)
  • Runs on 4 “D” Batteries (Not Included)
  • Simple to Use

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