Your decoy is only effective if it can be seen. The Primos Wooly Bully is designed to work in varying terrain such as tall grass, weeds and sage flats. The Wooly Bully is a wobbling fur ball motion critter that jolts, hops and erratically wobbles, to draw in predators.

It comes with a 36” stake that allows you to elevate the decoy above obstructions so that it can be seen from far away. You simply adjust the included cord to the proper height for the terrain, choose a speed setting for decoy movement, then “Speak the Language” to draw em’ in.

Don’t let terrain dictate where you can set up a decoy!

  • Realistically wobbles, jolts and hops around like a scurrying critter
  • Lightweight/Packable Stake extends to 36”
  • Elevate above weeds and underbrush!
  • Portable Stake  OR   Tree Limb/Brush
  • 3 Motion Speeds   FAST – MEDIUM – SLOW
  • Required to Operate: (2) “AA” Batteries (not included)
  • Accepts Alkaline, Lithium or Rechargeable Batteries
  • Powered By DECOY HEART (Included)

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