Park Falls, Wis., Oct. 11, 2011 – Legend meets tradition. Turn back the clock to 1948, when ardent fishing brothers Bob and Bill Johnson crafted the first ultra-premium and packable long rods anyone had ever seen. Spellbound by their quality and fishability, tackle dealers immediately placed major orders for these innovative new rods. It was harmonic from the beginning, innovative rod crafting – real anglers with the skill and grit to concept and produce fishing rods quantum leaps into the future. Fishing rod craftsmanship, both the art and science, rose from the waters of the famed river that bears the company name.

Fast forward to 2011. St. Croix Rods of Park Falls, Wisconsin, continues to earn and own the status of Best Rods on Earth – a motto that lives, breathes, and is realized by what leaves the building on a daily basis. Enter Traditions Media, a fishing-focused public relations group that embraces legacy companies and strives to perpetuate their status in an industry assimilated by knockoffs and start-ups that only serve to make a buck at the expense of the angler.

For the purpose of perpetuating St. Croix’s timeless dedication to engineering the finest fishing tools on the waterways, they’ve teamed with Traditions Media, an organization equally as committed to maintaining quality and integrity in the place of our passion – fishing. Angler, water and fish. Simple as that.

“Growth has been steady for St. Croix, and we’ve always been proud of our marketing efforts and ability to reach the angler,” said St. Croix’s VP of Sales and Marketing Jeff Schluter. “But with all of our new series introductions and broader international demand for St. Croix products, we wanted to ensure that the message didn’t lose any velocity or reach. Traditions Media will help maintain and expand that communication we’ve always had with outdoor communicators, and ultimately our customers.”

“We don’t do anything else,” said Noel Vick, President of Traditions Media, referencing his organization’s undying commitment to fishing. “Our energies and services are 100% dedicated to growing the sport of fishing. And to do that with a clear conscience, we mandate that our clients share a similar foundational ideology. No trying to make a secondary, less devoted company depict themselves as a leader. That’s a rouse and a stunt – not our style. We only partner with category champions and companies that build the best in class. St. Croix is clearly one of those companies.”

Minnesota-based Traditions Media will become St. Croix’s primary contact with members of the media, from writers, to fishing and television hosts, to online interests. Point being that St. Croix has the most compelling story to convey in the fishing rod category and Traditions Media will be there to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

With its expansive reach, Traditions Media will field inquiries and requests from across the globe. St. Croix is firmly entrenched in building premium species and technique specific rods for bass, walleyes, panfish, muskies, catfish, fly-fishing and myriad saltwater applications. Well versed throughout the gamut of fish species and regions, Traditions Media will represent St. Croix’s interests relative to anything that swims, eats baitfish, and sports fins and scales.

“Rich Belanger, St. Croix’s Promotional Manger, recalls taking Noel on his first tour of the Park Falls manufacturing facility. “Noel was blown away. It’s not common in the modern manufacturing world to see local talent – moms, dads, kids and neighbors – not only gainfully employed by a local manufacturer, but also seeing their passion for every product that leaves the building.

That’s St. Croix. We don’t know any other way of doing things.”

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