Most Idaho sportsmen take great pride in their well rounded knowledge of hunting & fishing lore, but there is one basic rule that many have either “forgotten” or have simply never been made aware of. According to Idaho Code, . . . “all sportsmen must stop at Fish & Game check stations.” The law doesn’t say, “successful sportsmen,” it says, “all sportsmen.” Each year, many sportsmen fail to stop at check stations because they were not successful on that specific trip. They see the signs, but think they don’t apply and keep heading down the road. Technically, they are breaking the law and may be issued a misdemeanor citation if apprehended.

Sportsmen are reminded that the Department runs two types of check stations, wildlife management check stations and impromptu enforcement check stations. Both types of check stations are important, and sportsmen must heed all signs relating to these stations. Management check stations usually rely on voluntary compliance from sportsmen, but are often neglected by sportsmen in a hurry to get home. It is important that hunters stop and give biologists information relating to the hunting trip they are returning from. Tissue samples may also be collected at the management check stations to aid in monitoring for diseases such as Chronic Wasting Disease. Sportsmen driving on smaller roads may also encounter impromptu check stations that stop all vehicles and divert hunters or anglers aside to answer additional questions. Conservation Officers can set up check stations at any time of the day or night, for a period of two to six hours.

Sportsmen are also reminded that in areas where the Department has received complaints of spotlighting or other game violations, Conservation Officers will be placing taxidermy specimens of deer, elk, and other game species. The use of such tools has aided officers in helping slow down illegal activities. A statute and penalty exists specifically pertaining to shooting an SW. The penalty for shooting the SW is the same as what it would be had the animal been real. Certain animals can be rated as trophies and can result in felony charges. Sportsmen who come across one of these faux animals should have little worry of committing a faux pas if they are following the regulations. Sportsmen looking for answers to questions about regulations or seasons can contact the regional IDFG Office at 525-7290.

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One thought on “Idaho DFG: All Sportsmen Must Stop at Check Stations

  1. I understand the intent but I personally feel like this is utter horse crap and it’s only directed at sportsmen. Try doing this to any other segment of the population and there would be a lawsuit in a minute about how their rights were violated and that they were being profiled. How about this one. Put up a sign on the road that says all persons must stop if they’ve ever been convicted of a crime and let us search your vehicle and subject you to a urine test. Any violations and you go to jail.

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