Columbia, SC, October 11, 2011 – Step aside, Clark Kent, there is a new Superman in town and his name Robert Vogel. Instead of wearing a red cape and tights, you can see Vogel blazing away on the range in his red Panteao shirt, black pants, and black hat. But be sure to look fast, because if you don’t you’ll miss the action. Not content with winning the 2011 IDPA Indoor Nationals, 2011 IDPA Carolina Cup, 2011 USPSA Limited 10 Nationals, and more recently the IDPA World Championship, Vogel is now the IPSC World Champion in Production Division.

The IPSC Handgun World Shoot XVI 2011 was held in Rhodes, Greece from October 3rd through 8th and drew shooters from all over the world. Robert Vogel was there as a member of the US Shooting Team along with other notable shooters like Rob Leatham, Michael Voigt, Max Michel, Jerry Miculek, and many others. The best of the best were representing the United States.

“This just goes to show that Bob is the new dominant force in production/stock service pistol. With his back to back wins throughout the year, Bob is the new top dog. Move over, there is a new Sheriff in town,” said Tom Yost, Panteao Gun Team Captain.

Fernando Coelho, President and CEO of Panteao Productions added, “Bob has done something that no one else has done by winning two back to back world championships within a matter of a few weeks. He has definitely set a new standard of excellence. Just as important, Bob is always ready and willing to help other shooters grow and improve their competitive shooting skills.”

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