Poaching is a crime that steals from everyone, hunter and nonhunter alike. Whitetails Unlimited has available an anti-poaching property boundary sign that is suitable for use anywhere in the United States, and can help curb poaching. The sign, part of WTU’s Whitetail Watch Program, encourages anyone who sees suspicious activity to report it to their proper wildlife law enforcement agency.

In addition to the property boundary signs, other components of the Whitetail Watch program include wallet cards and decals. The decals and signs serve as visible reminders to poachers that local citizens are on the watch and will report any suspicious activity. “All true conservationists have an obligation to help fight poaching,” said WTU Executive Director Pete Gerl. “It’s as simple as being conscious of what’s happening around you while in the field and reporting any suspicious activity to law enforcement.”

Poaching is an important problem, one that occurs nationwide and takes place throughout the year. Whitetail Watch provides an avenue for concerned citizens to assist their wildlife enforcement agencies. Whitetails Unlimited experiences a rise in requests for Whitetail Watch materials in early spring, and they tend to peak in mid-fall. This time frame is when people display the most concern for poaching, but poachers are out there all year long.

“Poaching steals from all of us, destroys our natural resources, and tends to cast a negative light on the sport of regulated hunting,” Gerl said. “Wardens and law enforcement can’t be everywhere, and they need the help of all citizens to catch those who think they are above the law.”

All Whitetail Watch signs, wallet cards, and decals are available at no charge, in small quantities, by contacting WTU headquarters at 1-800-274-5471. Larger quantities are available at a very reasonable cost.

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