Pheasant season brings family and friends together to share old memories and create new ones. The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department offers the following basic guidelines encouraging hunters to be safe and legal:

1. A safe hunt is a successful hunt. Safety First — Safety Always. Know where everyone is in your group. Shoot to the blue.

2. Remember your license.

3. Bring someone along, young or old, to experience the South Dakota autumn.

4. Leave your vehicle and cares behind. The best hunting experience comes when walking.

5. Daily limit for pheasants is three, and the possession limit is 15. Possession limit may not be met until the fifth day of hunting.

6. It is illegal to allow a firearm to protrude from a motor vehicle on a public highway. It is illegal to shoot from a motor vehicle, including an ATV, while hunting pheasants.

7. Nontoxic shot is required on most public lands.

8. Make sure your birds are property packaged for transporting.

9. Obey the 660-foot safety zones around occupied dwellings, livestock, churches and schools.

10. Respect landowners, the land, and the people in your hunting group.

More details are available in the 2011 Hunting Handbook of rules and regulations.

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