A new video game at www.hunter-ed.com helps students learn how to make decisions about when to pass on a shot for big game and what situations provide safe, ethical shooting opportunities. This educational video game, which students can play for free, allows the learning process to begin before taking the online hunter safety course at hunter-ed.com.

A variety of shoot/don’t shoot scenarios are presented that students can act on using their computer’s shift key to acquire the target or the space bar to pass on the shot. The game teaches students the fundamentals about safe zones of fire and shot placement in a way that’s fun and engaging.

“With this shoot or don’t shoot game, Kalkomey is beginning an exciting push into activity-based learning,” said Edward Cossette, user experience manager for Kalkomey. “The feedback students receive from playing this online video game is based on decisions they make. The benefit is students attend to individualized feedback more closely, which results in better long-term retention of key hunter safety concepts.”

After playing the game, students can learn more hunter safety skills for free at www.hunter-ed.com. Students who must receive their hunter education certification to obtain a hunting license pay a one-time fee, which is due only if they pass the test. Students can take the test as many times as they need to pass it.

After passing the exam at hunter-ed.com, students should immediately print out a field day qualifier certificate, which admits them to a field day in their state (if applicable). Many states require students to pre-register for their field day, so hunter education coordinators advise students to visit their state wildlife agency website to sign up for a field day before they take the online course.

The contents at hunter-ed.com are developed in conjunction with the state agency responsible for hunter education. Students who use hunter-ed.com will study the same content used in classroom courses. This online course is offered in more than 30 states, so students are encouraged to visit www.hunter-ed.com to find a course customized for their state.

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