Luverne,  AL-America’s most widely distributed hunting and fishing television network, the Pursuit Channel, now offers accurate, transparent viewership accounting of the company’s market-leading 38.5 million household universe.

In June 2011, Kantar Media was selected to lead the ground-breaking third-party auditing initiative of Pursuit Channel. Offering next-level precision to the field of television analytics, Kantar Media’s Audiences’ sector is recognized by the country’s most sophisticated national and regional advertising agencies for its focused reporting of network audiences with bases larger than Pursuit Channel, as well as contemporaries of smaller size. Kantar Media’s RaPIDview application, using the click-stream Return Path Data (RPD) from 270,000 set-top boxes in 100,000 studied homes, offers certifiable second-by-second reporting of the Pursuit Channel audience, a group that many television analysts believe features the largest target demographic of outdoorsmen in the country.

“Kantar Media validation represents the ultimate fact-from-fiction separator… and aggregator,” said Rusty Faulk, CEO of Pursuit Channel. “While Pursuit Channel and Outdoor Channel currently represent markedly diverse distribution strategies and respected, but distinct, viewership auditing systems, there are now quantifiable indices supporting the entire marketplace. And one of the key confirmations from this Pursuit Channel/Kantar Media relationship will be that the largest least duplicated group of active outdoors television viewers in the world is found exclusively through this unique combination of networks.

“By significant measure, no outdoor network reaches more satellite viewers than Pursuit Channel,” Faulk continued. “Equally, no other broadcaster in outdoor television today delivers more high-quality enthusiast programming to cable households than Outdoor Channel.”

“We are most pleased to be working in support of the Pursuit Channel,” said Bud Breheney, Chief Commercial Officer for Kantar Media. “Our DIRECTView ™ Service, one of the largest national-audience measuring services available in the United States, is ideally suited for helping networks such as the Pursuit Channel measure and define their viewing audience for advertisers. When this data is integrated with data on household attributes from Experian, as it has been here, it provides great insight into the audience of a network that is impressive in size and very active in the outdoor market.”

Former OLN (now Versus) network executive John West, the National Sales Manager of MOOSE Media, which develops and executes sales and marketing initiatives for the Pursuit Channel, added: “Seasoned marketing professionals demand frequent audience verifications for the networks they utilize. Kantar Media reporting is a major event for Pursuit Channel and the category that it serves, a bold move that cannot be countered with anything less than third-party verification.”

From this point forward, according to Faulk, Pursuit Channel television producers can expect monthly viewership reports based on unprecedented research. “Professional outdoorsmen specializing in the production of ethical, tasteful hunting and fishing television are the backbone of the American outdoors machine, and Pursuit Channel increasingly features work from the absolute best of them,” Faulk summarized. “This victory – this great accomplishment benefitting the scope of the traditional outdoors – is their victory.”

Pursuit Channel is the most widely distributed hunting and fishing network featuring many of the industry’s top names. It is the only outdoor network delivered in 38.5 million homes and is mainly distributed via satellite provider DIRECTV’s and Dish Networks basic package. It is owned and operated by people who understand the vibrant outdoor industry. Founder and CEO Rusty Faulk has produced Rusty Faulk Outdoors for over 20 years. To learn more about the Pursuit Channel’s way of life and its programming, visit

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