Moorestown, NJ October 24, 2011 — As you head to the fields, the mountains, the brush or the prairie this season, be sure your firearm is securely by your side with a Vero Vellini sling. The proprietary Air Cushion design of the Vero Vellini slings provides endless comfort—even if you are carrying a heavier rifle. The design also provides unparalleled slip-proof finish on the contact patch of the sling, providing you with security and confidence, knowing that your firearm will stay in place as you stalk your ultimate trophy.

With the comfort and confidence of knowing your firearm is securely at your side, you can now focus on the task at hand: hunting.

Vero Vellini slings are available in a variety of colors and sizes that will accommodate virtually any long gun, be it a shotgun or rifle. New non-slip premium leather slings and automatic retractable slings have been added to the lineup this year. Camouflage patterns are available for those who desire complete concealment, and blaze orange is also available for those who need additional safety color. All Air Cushion slings are available in basic black and green colors.

The Vero Vellini lineup also features a double sling that allows both hands to remain free while your rifle will be comfortably and securely slung to your back, much in the same fashion as a backpack. This unique design also provides a solid, expedient off-hand shooting platform, deriving its support from one arm or both. The double sling is ideal for mountain hunts or extended hikes to camp as well as for moving game. Vero Vellini provides the security and confidence – it is up to you to make the shot!

Vero Vellini slings range in price from $24.99 to $159.99 and can be purchased conveniently online at

Vero Vellini is the acknowledged leader in comfortable, handcrafted gun slings. For nearly two decades, the company has been crafting these beautifully detailed and highly durable slings in Germany. Vero Vellini created the Air Cushion concept, which sandwiches neoprene and other natural and synthetic material to create an almost weightless feeling when carrying a firearm. Vero Vellini also manufactures fast-access cartridge cases and straps for binoculars and cameras. For more information on Vero Vellini, contact: Pioneer Research, 97 Foster Road, Moorestown, NJ 08057; call 800-257-7742; or visit Be sure to visit us on Facebook at

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