Waterbury, VT — A youngster’s first deer hunt can mark the beginning of a lifelong passion for the outdoors and a commitment to wildlife conservation. To make the most of the upcoming Youth Deer Weekend, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department offers these tips to mentors:

  • Hunt Safe. No matter what the age of participants, hunting is one the safest outdoor activities. Youth hunters are some of the safest hunters when accompanied by an alert mentor.
  • Hunt Smart. Scouting and range practice are necessary and exciting ingredients to any successful hunt.
  • Model Behavior. Safe and responsible hunters are mentored by safe and responsible hunters.
  • Go often. Lifelong hunting participation is directly related to the amount of time spent hunting in youth, especially when these experiences occur in a family or mentor setting.
  • Respect the Intent. The youth deer weekend hunt on November 5 and 6 is for the youth, not you. Legally, you must leave your firearm at home, and the youth must harvest the animal.

Most Importantly

  • Have Fun! Being with family and friends and generally having a good time is more important to youth hunters than bagging game. Don’t push them. Young hunters need positive reinforcement

For more information, check out the Department’s Youth Hunting Page: http://www.vtfishandwildlife.com/hunttrap_youth.cfm

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