When you’re out in the woods, waiting for that perfect deer, cougar or elk to step into just the right spot, you probably have more than just your rifle or bow. Some water, maybe a snack and something a little heavier in case in gets too cold. Question is … do you have a camera?

Be it a cell phone or a top of the line digital, taking a picture after a successful hunt is practically a rite of passage on it’s own. You show it to your friends, post it on Facebook and share with all to see. So why not share it with us?

NRAHuntersRights.org is asking you to add your photos to their Trophy Room. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s another way to share your success with the world. Here’s Justin McDaniel with more:

With hunting seasons already underway around the country, all hunters are welcome to send in their photos, and what constitutes a trophy is completely up to you! Simply e-mail your photo to huntersrights@nrahq.org and put “Trophy Gallery” in the subject line. All photos should be sharp, tasteful, and display safe gun handling practices. Include the following information with your submission:

  • Your name and hometown
  • Date and location of the hunt
  • Firearm or bow used
  • Type of species
  • Any special details about the hunt
To view photos other hunters have already submitted, visit www.NRAhuntersrights.org and click on the “Trophy Gallery” tab at the top of the page. The gallery will be updated all season, so stop back often to see the latest trophies—not to mention the latest news that impacts your right to hunt.

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