PORTSMOUTH, NH – This week on “Whitetail Freaks”, Kris Lappala hunts hard for an elusive buck known as “The Great White Jaws”. With an abundant amount of snow the previous winter, the deer were pushed to one small corner of a farm Kris has hunted for nearly a decade. He inventories one of two big bucks roaming the property, but the other seems to have disappeared. When the rut hits high gear, Kris encounters one of these two monster whitetails, and notches yet another success story for the “West End Freaks”!

Show Concept

Whitetail Freaks follows the adventures of a motley crew of hardcore, hard-working whitetail hunters as they spend countless hours in search of mega bucks and memorable hunts with family and friends. Featuring renown whitetail authorities and fan favorite television personalities Don and Kandi Kisky, Whitetail Freaks highlights every aspect of successful whitetail management and top-notch trophy hunting – from food plot planting to hanging treestands to tracking pre- season big buck movement to the selective harvesting of only the biggest, most mature whitetails.

Eight teams of dedicated whitetail fanatics capture the true meaning of mega-buck hunting. These hardcore hunters are average, “blue collar Joes” with real jobs and real families – and they all share the same passion: the study, management and harvesting of mature, trophy whitetails.

Host Bios

Don & Kandi Kisky are two of the most renowned hunters and outdoor personalities in the whitetail world. With over 35 years of combined experience pursuing record-book whitetails across North America, Don and Kandi are without question two of the country’s top whitetail strategists. Their popular shows and DVDs educate and entertain countless whitetail enthusiasts.

When they’re not in a treestand, you can find them planting food plots, shed hunting, checking trail cams, logging untold hours behind a spotting scope, and meticulously mapping trophy bucks and their movements. With a bevy of Boone & Crockett bucks to their credit, they’ve shared their greatest hunts with television audiences and magazine readers for over two decades. Both Don and Kandi are widely recognized and highly respected Pro Staffers for many of the top brands in the business.

Learn more at www.wildcomm.com/whitetail-freaks.aspx.

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