The dates and locations for the 2012 NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships and NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships were announced a little while ago. Occurring simultaneously at Fort Benning, Georgia (March 13-17 for the Pistol Championships and March 13-18 for the Rifle Championships,) the matches are all part of the U.S. Army’s Army Strong Collegiate Shooting Championships.

These championships are special in that only the top thirty ranking individuals in each gun and the top ten ranking team in each gun are invited to attend. So how are you going to find your way around?

Discover all the ins and outs surrounding the competition with the NRA’s 2012 Intercollegiate Championship Online Program. There you will find competition schedules, courses of fire, Training Summits and more.

“Make sure to say that both Pistol and Rifle are part of the 2012 Intercollegiate program,” said National Collegiate Shooting Manager Tori Croft. “Pistol starts on page 1 and information on Rifle begins on page 17.”

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