When it comes to capturing the essence of police work, military maneuvers, or competitive shooting, nobody can translate these into artwork like renowned artist Dick Kramer. Know for his attention to detail and dramatic shading, Kramer has created several unique prints for the National Rifle Association over the years. Earlier this year, we introduced you to Kramer’s Camp Perry Pistol print which brought the spirit of the National Pistol Matches to life. But today, Kramer was at NRA Headquarters to unveil his latest piece for the NRA – a print from the National Smallbore Rifle Championships at Camp Perry.

“Look at the angle of the butt-plate and how it fits the shooter’s shoulder,” said an awestruck H.Q. Moody, National Manager of NRA’s Rifle Department. “He even got the aperture down to the smallest detail. This is truly great work.”

Moody, pictured along with Kramer and Mike Krei, Director of NRA Competitive Shooting, gathered to take a look at the stunning artwork featuring three smallbore competitors from the this summer’s competition. Included in the print is shooting legend Lones Wigger, perhaps the most prolific smallbore shooter of all time.

This smallbore print is the second piece in a series of four that will chronicle the National Matches at Camp Perry, with the pistol print being the first. Next year a print for the High Power Rifle Championships will be commissioned, followed by a combinantion print including all three phases of the National Matches. But for now, the staff in Competitive Shooting is marveling at Kramer’s latest work.

“To see this piece in person is very exciting. The contrast and shading is amazing,” commented Krei.

For Kramer, this print is another example of his passion for artwork, something that is evident in each piece he creates during countless hours of drawings and detailing.

“I love what I do,” said Kramer. “Putting it together is so exciting, especially for the NRA.”

We’ll be bringing you more information on how to order your prints in the coming months, so stay tuned to see how you can add Kramer’s work to your collection.

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