South Charleston, W.Va. – West Virginia trappers will be allowed to sell live foxes to hound-coursing pens in West Virginia during the 2011-2012 trapping season, according to Curtis I. Taylor, Chief of the Wildlife Resources Section of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. All foxes used in hound-coursing pens must be live-trapped in the county in which the pen is located.

“This action will help to avoid any additional westward spread of rabies and reduce the possibility of moving diseased animals across the state,” said Taylor. “In addition, because raccoons are the primary carriers of the raccoon strain of rabies, the sale of live raccoons remains suspended for the 2011-2012 trapping season.”

Hound-coursing pens are licensed in West Virginia and regulated by best management standards which are designed to promote humane treatment of the wild animals being pursued. Trappers are urged to use extreme care when handling live animals due to the dangers of exposure to rabies and other diseases. Live animals may only be held by trappers during the trapping season and 60 days thereafter. Live foxes shall be held according to temporary or permanent housing requirements as specified by law.

Please contact your local DNR wildlife biologist for more information about the sale of live foxes. DNR offices are located in Farmington (304-825-6787), Romney (304-822-3551), French Creek (304-924-6211), Beckley (304-256-6947), Point Pleasant (304-675-0871) and Parkersburg (304-420-4550).

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One thought on “Sale of Live Foxes Permitted in West Virginia

  1. This is complete bull crap! if we as citizens of WV cannot import foxes into the state because they are afraid of the westward spread of rabies then why is it that every other state surrounding WV are allowed to keep foxes captive as pets! And if you are a responsible pet owner you would get your fox rabies shots! How about this instead of banning foxes in captivity just pass a   f**king law that all pets must have rabies shots! BOOM!! problem solved! win-win situation!         

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