NRA Coach Programs

Just about every competitive or recreational shooter I’ve ever met has someone to thank for helping introduce them to the shooting sports or for helping them develop their skills. But for many competitive shooters, a coach is the person that they credit for helping them reach their goals and train to be the best athlete they can be.

NRA’s Coach Education Program helps train shooters to become one of those people, and to foster a love of the shooting sports through mentorship. Each year, hundreds of people become NRA Certified Coaches by attending a Coach School. Available in a variety of shooting disciplines including Shotgun, Air Gun, Smallbore, and Pistol, Coach Schools teach the necessary methods for encouraging shooters and developing their skills through education.

Many Coach Schools have been added to the schedule for late fall/early winter in all disciplines, so check out the full listing of upcoming Coach Schools to find one that fits your needs.

More schools are added frequently, so check the Coach Education Program website on a regular basis for updates. For more information about the Coach Education Program or to hold a Coach School held in your area, contact Samantha Olsen at (703) 267-1504 or

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